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Cadillac SRX debuted in January 2003 in Detroit. The car is created on the Sigma platform with a longitudinal engine. The design features are a rigid bearing body with frames, a fully independent front and rear suspension with aluminum levers (rear multilink) and the Cadillac magnetic drive control system. The SRX brings new opportunities to its market segment. The design of the crossover echoes, as it should be, with all the models of the modern Cadillac line. Angular shapes, highly positioned headlamps and taillights, fast-moving lines and the exterior in general continue in the stylistic decision to go the "trite path" of the XLR and CTS cars announced above. When creating the SRX, ideas that were first incorporated into metal were used in the Vizon concept car. The car will be one step lower than the great Cadillac Escalade, but it will also be well equipped.

Photo Cadillac SRX

The SRX combines excellent performance, a beautiful design and a luxurious interior. The auto cover perfectly "maintains" the road and passes difficult packages of high-speed turns perfectly. With the longest wheelbase in its class, the SRX combines power and sophisticated handling, excellent visibility and practicality. The ergonomics thought, the disposition of the elements and the handling of them only cause positive emotions. The seats with leather upholstery and sufficient lateral support, as well as the pedal assembly, are equipped with electric units that, in combination with a height adjustable steering column, allow you to adopt a comfortable position at the wheel. In the role of the main driving force: 4.6 literNorthstar V-8 VVT (with variable valve timing) or 3.6 liter V-6 VVT with a capacity of 258 hp The 32-valve V-8 engine was modified and installed longitudinally. He gives 320 hp at 6400 rev / m and his maximum torque is 427 N / m at 4400 rev / m. Cadillac SRX can be both with all-wheel drive and with rear-wheel drive. The package includes many different auxiliary systems and a self-regulating suspension.

Photo Cadillac SRX

The technological excellence of the Cadillac SRX four-wheel drive is aimed at achieving total control over the road in all weather conditions. The transmission distributes the torque in a 50/50 ratio between the front and rear wheels, allowing for more efficient use of axle load distribution. The anti-slip system, which operates at any speed, and the StabiliTrak stability control system provide smooth and safe acceleration on any road. One of the advantages of the SRX is the integrated frame of the high strength steel body with impact absorption zones, established by the designers at the development stage of the car. But with all this, the Cadillac SRX is not very suitable for traveling on difficult terrain. This is a typical urban car, which offers its passengers a comfortable ride without incident. Also noteworthy is the spacious trunk and the spacious interior.

Photo Cadillac SRX

The car can accommodate up to seven passengers. By the way, a press of the button is enough, and the car will become a five-seater. This makes it difficult from a technical point of view, the operation can increase the capacity of the trunk. In August 2006, Cadillac began selling the SRX with a completely new interior finish: more modern, high quality and adapted to the wishes of European riders. At the same time, the changes affected, in the first place, the front panel, which retained the already familiar architecture, but at the same time it began to look notably richer. The alteration has suffered the form of the central console and the tunnel, all the ducts, controls and even the instrument panel, which received a new shape and design. In general, the interior lines became smooth and rounded, and the materials used in their decoration were replaced by better and more expensive ones. The basic equipment for the US market is equipped with a Bose 5.1 Cabin Surround audio system, which buyers can complete with a DVD player and an additional screen mounted in the central tunnel behind the front seats.

Photo Cadillac SRX

Finally, the 2007 Cadillac SRX with a V8 engine comes with a six-speed automatic transmission, and in the Sport version, this car can be ordered with 18 or 20-inch wheels to choose from. Collect Cadillac SRX at the Lansing Grand River plant. The Cadillac SRX 2010 was introduced to the world in January at the Detroit Auto Show. At the heart of the car is the Cadillac Provoq concept concept. The car is based on the GM Theta Premium platform (along with cars like Chevrolet Captiva, Pontiac Torrent, Saab 9-4X and even Daewoo Winstorm) and has all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive versions.

The SRX 2010 sets new quality standards in the prestigious crossover segment. It successfully combines the characteristics of a sports car and the refined and elegant forms of an expensive and representative car. The design has become more sophisticated and dynamic: compact dimensions, high branded sides, stamped on the boot lid, powerful wheel arches. A new "face" for the car is created by a grid shield, lined with elegant light alloy tubes, and vertical Cadillac cult headlights equipped with an adaptive front lighting system. They effectively complement the trim, the quick body, along the edges of which the standard 18-inch cast wheels are placed. At the same time, the second generation of the SRX further emphasizes the state of the brand, not only for its appearance, but also for its qualitatively new interior. Cadillac SRX 2010 Salon: a symbiosis of technology in the field of expensive and multimedia finishing materials. Despite the more compact dimensions compared to the previous generation, the SRX 2010 is still a very spacious and functional crossover: wide doors, comfortable leather seats with electric units, space for legs and on the head, and a small height of cargo for the trunk. The SRX crossover support structure provides the lowest noise level among cars in this class. The company's engineers have achieved significant success in reducing the noise of the power unit, exhaust system and transmission, of the body's aerodynamic components, as well as the rolling wheels on the road surface.

Photo Cadillac SRX

The developers also reduced noise due to the use of a soundproof front panel cladding, a special floor treatment and the use of a multi-layered windshield and multi-layered front side windows. For the 2010 Cadillac SRX, there is a choice of two engines to choose from, with an excellent combination of fuel efficiency and power. The basic 3.0-liter V6 engine with direct fuel injection and variable valve timing (VVT) develops a maximum power of 269 hp. and maximum torque of 302 Nm.

Photo Cadillac SRX

First, the technology allows you to distribute the torque along the axes and between the wheels, and secondly, up to 100 percent of the traction can be transmitted to a single wheel, which allows you to raise the steering in a Slippery and slippery road to a new level. The Cadillac SRX basic equipment list is leather interior (seats, door panels, steering wheel, torpedo), full power accessories with electric pedal mount, driver's seat memory, climate control with separate zones (driver / passenger) , multifunction steering wheel, rear door servo, sunroof, premium audio system with 8-speaker Bose CD changer, advanced on-board computer, front and side airbags, curtain airbags and Stabilitrak stability control. A Bluetooth wireless phone system, xenon headlights and parking sensors are also standard on all SRX Cadillac. The SRX safety systems are designed to protect passengers before, during and after an accident. In addition to the structure and suspension of the reinforced body, which absorb the impact energy, martensitic steel is used in box beams. It is one of the most durable and helps protect the body from destruction during side impacts, and also guarantees its integrity during frontal collisions and rear impacts.

Safety features also include standard window curtain airbags, front side airbag to protect the thorax and pelvis (which are installed in the rear of the front seat), front safety belts with dual pretensioners and limiters, reduction rolls of sensors, the pedals of blocks of injuries of prevention of system stabilizer trailer and system OnStar. In addition, the SRX meets all European standards of pedestrian protection, the front bumper is almost at the height of the bumpers of other cars. The multifunctional trunk has a volume of 1.7 m (with the rear seats folded), and under its floor there are large compartments where you can place, for example, backpacks or sports equipment. The optional U-rail system and an adjustable partition help you optimally organize luggage space and safely repair several objects. A retractable curtain, which is fixed in two positions, hides your luggage from prying eyes, without it being difficult for you to access it. In the back seat, there is a flap for long items such as skis, which does not prevent the two passengers to sit comfortably in the seat. The designers awarded the updated model with a new and false radiator grille with chrome-coated grooves and a new Cadillac emblem, which modified the front and rear bumpers, giving them softer, more expressive shapes. The front bumper was complemented by a compact air inlet slot and round taillights in chrome rings. The design of 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels with 235/55 R20 tires has changed.

The body side is distinguished by the huge spokes of the wheel arches, the air ducts in the front fenders, the stylish ribs that organically cut the surfaces of the doors in the lower and upper parts, the doors with a line of high threshold, compact windows and a dome-shaped roof. The lower part of the body is covered with a wide protection of black plastic, which prevents the body from suffering minor damages. There is an additional option for Xenon Blue Metallic body paint. Otherwise, the already familiar image of a crossover with large, beautiful vertical position headlamps with complex technical content is adaptive bi-xenon with daytime running lights. The car in front looks solid, powerful and assertive. The total dimensions are 4834 mm in length, 1910 mm in width, 1669 mm in height, with 2807 mm distance between axes and 179 mm distance to the ground (distance to the ground). Salon updated SRX 2012 has changed much more noticeable, but, as before, it remains solid and expensive.

The center console has been updated and the new instrument panel with a large multi-color screen has purchased an SD card slot and several USB ports. A new steering wheel was installed, which is now heated. On the steering wheel are the buttons to control the latest CUE information system (Cadillac user experience) with an 8-inch color touch screen mounted on the center console. The system is responsible for the configuration of the audio system (CD MP3 USB SD Bluetooth) with Bose speakers (8 speakers) or Bose 5.1 Cabin Surround Sound (10 speakers) and dual zone climate control, shows navigation maps and an image of the rear view camera. The Cadillac SRX, among other things, is very quiet. These are the soundproofing materials with which the interior is equipped, and the modern multi-layered double-glazed windows in the windows of the car. In addition, between the first and the second row of seats there is a system of laminated structural barriers. They block the noise coming from under the car. The trunk with passengers in the second row is able to carry about 844 liters of luggage, lowering the rear of the rear seats, we get the boot with a greater load capacity of 1,730 liters.